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POWER A Storage Case for VR


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Brand: POWER A

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Doesn’t your PlayStation VR Headset deserve a quality resting place when you’re not using it? Of course it does! After all, it’s your key to new virtual worlds. Something of that caliber deserves a case of equal greatness. That’s why we created The Storage Case that keeps your PlayStation VR Headset protected and ready for the next gaming session. When you’re finished experiencing a new virtual world, pack up the PlayStation VR Headset and place it within the Storage Case for extra security. Made with durable materials, the Storage Case ensures that the PlayStation VR Headset can withstand accidents and things you can’t control like handsy kids or pets (mostly cats). And when you need to move it or bring it to a party, simply pick it up by the lightweight handle and carry it with you.

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SKU: power-a-storage-case-for-vr Categories: , Tags: , , , , ,