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New Just Cause 3 patch fixes console performance issues

just cause newsSquare Enix is prepping a patch for Just Cause 3 which will bring the game up to version 1.02 and fix several performance issues which have been affecting the console versions.
The patch, which is expected to go live on all platforms this week, will drastically cut down the game’s loading times, and will also optimize online stats and add in several stability fixes.

Three specific issues will also be corrected once the patch is live: the bug which sometimes causes vehicles to disappear at the beginning of a challenge, and the problems which sometimes occur if the PC version’s screen is resized or the game window is closed before the game fully starts up.

The patch notes, which you can read here, also contain some interesting tidbits related to the game design choices made by developer Avalanche Studios, explaining why you can’t crouch or sprint in the game, and that you can in fact skip cutscenes by holding down a certain button (the “B” button on Xbox for example) or pause the game and select the “Skip Cutscene” option.

The patch is expected to deploy for the PC version of Just Cause 3 on Friday, December 18, and on consoles sometime before then.

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