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Dying Light: The Following story teaser promises mystic zombie slaying

dying light newsDying Light: The Following is slated for a February release, and it’s ramping up to be the largest chunk of DLC to hit stores for the free running zombie slasher. After a few small delays, a huge chunk of gameplay footage, and an admittedly understandable price hike when the DLC turned into more of a full-blown expansion than anything else, we’re finally seeing our first glimpse at what kind of story Techland’s newest project will follow.

The Following will be the first adventure to take Crane outside of Harran, and the trailer hints that beyond Harran’s familiar walls we’ll be seeing a whole new world full of things like domesticated zombies, a bit of mystic magic, and the possibility of a group of survivors that are in some way immune to the virus that brought society to its knees.

The final scene of the trailer also hints at something called “The Mothers,” which is likely the name of one of the factions we’ll find controlling Harran’s mysterious countryside — although it could also also be a terrifying new species of infected just waiting to be discovered.

Techland has already showcased a huge amount of gameplay for The Following, including player vehicles, several new ranged weapons, and the usual fast-paced zombie-slaying action we’ve come to love from Dying Light.

Dying Light: The Following is set to release February 9, at which point we’ll be able to return to a life of hacking through hordes of the undead and relishing the sensation of bits of zombie brain squishing under our boots

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